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All-purpose Rice flour

About Us ~Bringing Health to Your Table~

Our history begins in 1910, when the Sakurai family purchased a machine to process noodles in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Maintaining operation through World War II and onward, in 1968, the Sakurai family business started to produce and sell additive-free and natural products without artificial coloring. At that time, the commercial industry was moving heavily into mass production and mass consumption, creating an era where efficiency in production was top priority. It was during this era that Sakurai Foods defined their mission to commit to quality rather than to efficiency.

To guarantee the safety of our goods, we are committed to manufacturing and selling a variety of food products with ingredients from domestically contracted farmers who use organic or ecologically friendly methods to produce their agricultural products.

Our imported food items have cleared both national JAS-certified organic standards and organic standards abroad.

Company Profile

Company NameSakurai Foods Co., Ltd.
Company MottoBringing Health to Your Table
FoundedNovember 1910
EstablishedApril 10, 1978
Capital67 million yen
PresidentYoshiaki Sakurai
Industry TypeManufacturer and retailer of instant noodles and other dry goods, Distributor of imported and domestic organic food
Factory Site62,366 sq.ft (5,800㎡)
Total Floor Space52,151 sq.ft (4,850㎡)
Number of Employees36
Address343 Takanosu, Kamono-cho, Minokamo City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan 505-0051
General OfficeTEL +81-574-54-2251 FAX +81-574-54-2253
SalesTEL +81-574-55-1088 FAX +81-574-55-1087
Official Websitehttps://www.sakuraifoods.com/

Our Commitment to Quality

1. Use of Domestically Grown Produce
In our wheat and blended flour and ramen noodles, we principally use domestically grown wheat, rice, and produce. We have formed strong partnerships with agricultural producers who are committed to upholding the standards of Sakurai Foods, Co., Ltd. Through inspection of the entire manufacturing process from farm to factory, we meticulously maintain the quality of every ingredient.

2. Use of Organic Produce
We carefully select only the finest organic products from both domestic and international manufacturers. For our overseas items, we visit the agricultural fields and production plants to hand pick superior quality goods. We also guarantee the best quality of our imported organic ingredients through close supervision of the entire process from production maintenance and processing to shipping.

3. Additive-Free Production
We strictly exclude the use of any synthetic preservatives or additives in our products. Also, our products do not contain any chemical preservatives or unnatural food coloring.

4. Allergy-Friendly Production
In addition to listing the allergens in our products based on information provided by our suppliers, we carefully survey the production conditions of each manufacturer for any potential cross contamination with allergens and we develop measures to eliminate that risk.

Company History

Initiated by the purchase of a noodle-making machine, Sutekichi Sakurai begins processing noodles to start a family-run business in Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
1913Sutekichi’s brother, Yosakichi Sakurai, succeeds business.
1957The Sakurai family business (noodle processing and wheat scouring) is incorporated, and Yosakichi is assigned Representative Director.
Yosakichi’s son, Yoshiyuki Sakurai, is assigned Representative Director.
1968The Sakurai family business begins processing and selling wholefoods without artificial additives, coloring, or flavoring.
1977The Sakurai family builds a new plant in Minokamo City and relocates.
1978Sakurai Foods Co., Ltd. is established.
1978Sakurai Foods begins exporting instant ramen and dried noodles.
1986Yoshiyuki’s son, Yoshiaki Sakurai, is assigned Representative Director.
1995Sakurai Foods begins importing and selling organic products.
1998Sakurai Foods is certificated as a producer and handler of noodles by the Organic Growers and Buyers Association (OGBA) in the US.
2002Sakurai Foods is certified as an Organic JAS Food Importer and Repacker.
2003Sakurai Foods is certified as an Organic JAS Food Processor.
2010Sakurai Foods acquires ISO 22000 Food Safety Management Systems Certification.
2017Sakurai Foods begins exporting Oranic ramen to the US market.
2019Sakurai Foods launches sales on Japan’s first RSPO-certified ramen.
2021Sakurai Foods is certified as an organization in compliance with Fairtrade Standards and launches sales on Fairtrade & Organic cocoa powder.
2023Sakurai Foods launches sales on Fairtrade & Organic spices.